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All images copyright by the individual photographers

Bavarian Pink by Susan Kaye

Susan Kaye

Susan Kaye’s Bavarian Pink photograph is a refreshingly beautiful image relying on composition, selective focus, and subtle lighting. She has created a delicate image of pink flowers that seem to project forward and separate from its soft muted background. An intermediary area of green-gray stems diagonally arranged artfully balances the pink flowers.  The triangular positioning within both the upper and lower groups of three blossoms is quite pleasant. By connecting the two prominent blossom areas good balance and a nice energy flow is communicated. Susan’s selection of a vertical format is artistically perfect for coordinating the essential elements of the image. The soft background enables the pink flowers and adjacent stems to seemingly move forward thus isolating them from the soft background.

 A unique feature of Susan’s image is her artistic use of basically three colors:  the pink flowers, the burnt green stems, and the very light pink and gray tones of the background. Odd number patterns of subject matter are commonly and effectively used by photographers and artists. Susan has gone one step further by aesthetically introducing the phenomena of using an odd number of colors (three) for enhancing her wonderful Bavarian Pink photograph.


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