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Preview of the Show


by Scott Matyjaszek

January  3 - January 29, 2017

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All images copyright by the individual photographers

A Selection of Photographs from the Exhibit

Creation by Scott Matyjaszek
Scott Matyjaszek
Receive by Scott Matyjaszek
Scott Matyjaszek
Sound Refraction by Scott Matyjaszek
Sound Refraction
Scott Matyjaszek
The Light Cast by JFK-AJVK
The Light Cast
Hide and Seek in a Zinna Bouquet by Lisa Davis
Hide and Seek in a Zinnia Bouquet
Lisa Davis
- by Jerome Kaye
Jerome Kaye
Coyote by Carl Crumley
Carl Crumley
Oaks: Memorial Art Gallery by Sheridan Vincent
Oaks, Memorial Art Gallery
Sheridan Vincent
Yellowstone's Canyon by Bonnie Gamache
Yellowstone's Canyon
Bonnie Gamache, Camera Rochester
Trees #1 by Dan Neuberger
Trees #1
Dan Neuberger
The Hazel Project by Don Menges
The Hazel Project
Don Menges
Veteran's Memorial Bridge- North Side by Ira Srole
Veteran's Memorial Bridge, North Side
Ira Srole
Grand Rainbow by Gary Thompson
Grand Rainbow
Gary Thompson

Saguaro Zebra by Phyllis Thompson
Saguaro Zebra
Phyllis Thompson

Diamonds - Dominican Circus by Steve Levinson
Diamonds-Dominican Circus
Steve Levinson


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