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Peter Marr's and Partners'Picks of the Show

Backroads by Phyllis and Gary Thompson

 Peter Marr and Gallery Partners have chosen their "Picks of the Show"

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All images copyright by the individual photographers

Peter Marr's Picks of the Exhibit
Sharp Turn by Gary Thompson

Sharp Turn
by Gary Thompson

What is particularly refreshing about this glorious tribute to nature’s autumnal grandeur is that it is a vertical landscape of immense power and beauty. This image is a great tribute to the artistic and photographic skills of Gary as he has exquisitely framed this entrancing scene between towering maple trees. The diffuse ambient illumination enhances the impressive range of colors whilst still displaying all of the important detail in the rest of the scene. The range of colors is resplendent, with a delightful range of hues from yellows to reds. There are even a few green plants, barely visible in the foreground, trying to hide from sight because they cannot contribute to all of the colorful splendor. The dark gray, brown and black hues of the tree trunks act as a creative and powerful contrast to all of the bright maple leaves, further emphasizing their brilliant colors. Certainly, there is no sound of strife here, only a world of peace and serenity. Perhaps the leaves feel lonely when their neighbors fall, and maybe the ones in the foreground cascading from the maple tree off-shoots are a little unhappy because they cannot achieve the bright reds of the leaves of the tree itself. Nature ensures that whatever color the leaves are, they are all singing in unison to produce this magical fall image.  In admiring this sublime a serene print, the viewer becomes aware of a discordant anomaly, namely, a rural road that dares to enter this woodland paradise. The road suddenly appears on a diagonal pathway, but happily, on seeing the awesome colorful scene ahead, it takes a sharp turn to the right and exits the frame at the left-hand side, appearing much diminished in width. The grayish color of the road which is lined on both sides by red maple leaves in no way adds a distraction to the scenic beauty of the woodland, and being a rural road there is probably very little traffic that traverses it. Furthermore, the diagonal lines and curved corner offer a visionary refinement in this vertical world of autumnal brilliance.

Peter Marr


Fisherman's Boat by Phyllis Thompson

Fisherman’s Boat
by Phyllis Thompson

Peggy’s Cove is certainly a favorite tourist attraction in Nova Scotia, and Phyllis’s wonderful and visionary print superbly captures the beauty and entrancing aura of this iconic fishing community. The quiet light creates a magical ambience that is awe-inspiring, from the hillside background that is bathed in mist and fog, all the way to the imposing boulders in the foreground. The diffuse illumination upliftingly contributes to the resplendent atmosphere and tranquility that emanates from this image, whilst revealing amazing detail and contrast throughout the entire scene. The range of hues in the latter contribute to a delightful color palette that is warm and inviting. Although vegetation is not expansive in this area, nature has a persistent habit of providing grasses and plants in areas that greatly add to the scenic beauty. This is certainly true here, where there is a lovely expanse of dark green hardy shrubs situated among the granite outcropping, which is a series of impressive large rocks which have a striking range of colors and designs, that together creates an inspiring foreground setting. Slowly sinking into the greenery between the rock fissures is one of the legendary boats that were commonly used by the local fisherman decades ago. Slowly rotting and breaking down from the Atlantic storms that pervade this area, this masterful craft still exudes an inspiring presence. Commanding an imposing viewpoint, the boat looks up the calm waters of the estuary where the sea placidly disappears into the foggy background. Fondly, it looks at the rustic wooden fish sheds which have a few lobster pots outside, and then sadly it inevitably sees the brightly colored trawlers on the other side of the waterway, vessels which have taken the boats place in the quest for fishing for lobsters. Happily, far from being forgotten, this discarded boat, a victim of time and technology, triumphantly remains as an emblematic symbol of this fishing community, adding charm and realism to the rugged beauty of this picturesque area. One hopes that there will not be any more modernization in this scenic area, so that for years to come, visitors will still be able to marvel at this vista, as one does by seeing Phyllis’s stellar image.

                                                                                                Peter Marr 

Gallery Partners' Picks of the Exhibit
Morning Light in the Adirondacks by Bonnie Gamache

Morning Light in the Adirondacks
by Bonnie Gamache

Some photographers use strong vivid colors and complex subjects to create very dramatic, visually impactful images. Bonnie has taken a different approach, using soft light, gentle colors with ranges of blue to present a photograph which provides a contemplative focus to the viewer, much like what you would see when you get up before dawn and watch the rising sun slowly reveal the beauty of the Adirondacks.

Simplicity is the key word for this photograph; just enough is shown to evoke the entrance of morning.  Mist surrounds the landscape, shrouding it in a mysterious haze. The water reflects the reeds, providing a strong sense of calmness.  A minimalist look at nature.

This is a photograph which one can look at, almost meditating, and see the skill of the photographer and the beauty of early morning, inspiring a sense of calm.

A very effective treatment of nature’s beauty.

Early Bird at Hemlock Lake by Ron Kenney

Early Bird at Hemlock Lake
by Ron Kenney

This photograph brings with it an almost magical mood. Details are minimal, but the almost silhouetted subject matter seems to almost float in the image. The contrast between the light and dark maintain the transparency of the rising mist. 

There is a strong contrast between the man-made structures counterbalanced by the “early birds” on the right. This balances the composition, albeit with two different kinds of subjects separated from each other by a large amount of space. One wonders why the birds are grouped away from the gazebo and benches. It is left to the viewer to present ideas and interpretation to this question.

Simplicity is the key word to describe this photograph. The focus is on the ethereal light, fog and mood that Ron has captured in this beautiful photograph. Light can be magical, and Ron displays how a creative photographer can capture and share this with the viewer.


Solid and Liquid by Angela Possemato

Solid and Liquid
by Angela Possemato

The impact of Angela’s image is immediate. You can feel the rushing water dragging past the edge of the stone as if to coax the few remaining leaves to abandon their perch and ride the current downstream. One of the characteristics that makes photographer an artist is the ability to look at a large visual panorama and decide exactly what to put into the frame and, just as important, what to leave out.

Angela has done a great job placing the rocks edge on a diagonal taking up about a third of the frame. The swift water creates a wonderful abstract of reflection and complimentary colors. The remaining leaves on the solid surface lend the only hint to reality and allow us to interpret what we are looking at. Angela has a fantastic “eye” and is able to find these small treasures in the landscape.

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