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Archive of 2008 and 2009

Image City Photography Gallery
Peter's Picks


For nearly every exhibit since January 2008 Peter Marr has selected his "Picks" of the show.

Click the date below for each show to view the photographs Peter selected of the work by the featured and guest photographers. We have mentioned the Featured Photographer to help if you seek a specific show or timeframe.




December 12, 2009
Holiday Show 2009
Peter's Picks by: Steve Levinson, Bruce Elling, Beverly Cronkite, and Scott Matyjaszek


November 13, 2009
On the Road Again - Gary and Phyllis Thompson and Friends
Peter's Picks by : Phyllis Thompson, Gary Thompson, Peter Nelson, Karen Schlenker, and John Williamson


October 19, 2009
Out and About - George, Jessica, and David Wallace

Peter's Picks by: George Wallace, Jessica Wallace, David Wallace, Jim Dusen, Dewey Fladd, and the CDS Photo Club


September 20, 2009
Rochester Mosaic - Sheridan Vincent
Peter's Picks by: Joseph Woody, Donald Race, and Sheridan Vincent

August 30, 2009
Portfolio Showcase 2009

Peter's Picks by: Matthias Boettrich, Robert Clemens, Chris Kogut, Susan C. Larkin, Rich Mearns, Daniel J. Nolan, Tim Schulze, and Ted Tatarzyn


August 3, 2009
Wanderings - Lou Ryen
Peter's Picks by: Lou Ryen, Kurt Baxter, Jeno Horvath, and Jane Hopkins


July 7, 2009
Face of India - Jim Patton

Peter's Picks by: Jim Patton, Don Menges, John Williamson, and Wu-Hsiung


June 1, 2009
My Ode to France - Dan Neuberger
Peter's Picks by: Dan Neuberger, Joseph Sorrentino, Scott Hendershot, and Lynda Howland


May 4, 2009

photoPlay - David Perlman
SCAPES - Gil Maker
Peter's Picks by: David Perlman, Gil Maker, Daniel P. Crozet, John H. Bailey, and Ronald L. Cronk III


April 6, 2009
Master's Invitational
Carl Chiarenza, Andy Davidhazy, Kitty Hubbard, and John Retallack
Peter's Picks by: Carl Chiarenza, Andy Davidhazy, Kitty Hubbard, John Retallack, and Tori Putch


March 8, 2009
Nameless - Mark Whitney
Peter's Picks by: Mark Whitney, Mark Bangs, and Michael Rivera


February 7, 2009

Perspective - John Solberg
Peter's Picks by: John Solberg, Jim Wehtje, and Sue Alden,


January 10, 2009
The Magic of Light - 2nd Juried Show
Peter's Picks by: John Solberg, Jeno Horvath, Richard D. Welch, Bonnie Gamache, Loreal Prystaj, and Donald Menges


December 14, 2008
4th Annual Holiday Show
Peter's Picks by: Lois Trieb, Joseph Sorrentino, Kay Vergo


November 22, 2008
Antarctica Journey - Ted Tatarzyn
Peter's Picks by: Ted Tatarzyn and Julie Oldfield


October 23, 2008
Imagery - Bill Bernbeck
Peter's Picks by Bill Bernbeck, Nancy Guzauski, and Darlene Pruess


September 26, 2008
SEEscapes - Philip Lange
Peter's Picks by: Philip Lange, Josh Bulriss, and Weije Wang


August 31, 2008

Reflections - Stanislaw Goc
Peter's Picks by: Stanslaw Goc, Josh Bulriss, and Mark D. Whitney


July 28, 2008

Shape and Shadow - Bruce Elling
Peter's Picks by: Bruce Elling, Lynne Littlefield, and Mike Kidulich

June 28, 2008
America through a German's Eye - Matthias Finke
Peter's Picks by: Matthias Finke, Peter Sucy, and Joel Krenis


June 6, 2008
Clouds: Variations on Prints, Canvas and Silk - Daniel P. Crozet
Peter's Picks by: Daniel P. Crozet, Elsa Kettinger, and Brian Sciarabba


May 10, 2008
Dancing with the Universe - Jim Hartsen
Peter's Picks by: Jim Hartsen, Sulyn Bennett-Hennessey


April 7, 2008

Urban ARTifacts - Betsy Phillips
Peter's Pick by: Betsy Phillips, JFK/AJVK, and Martha Schermerhorn

March 7, 2008

Root Fusion - Steve Root
Peter'w Picks by Steve Root, Sa Kim Tran, and Jeanne Sozio


February 14, 2008
Postcards from Bosnia - Michael Murray
Peter's Picks by Michael Murray and D. G. Adams


January 18, 2008   
Elsewhere 1st Juried Theme Show
Peter's Picks by: Michael J. Murdoch, Clayton R. Gehring, George Wallace, Daniel J. Noland and Nigel P. Kent


MarrPeter was born in England in 1935 and came to live in the United States in 1968. He worked for the Eastman Kodak Company for 34 years, retiring in 1998. During his employment and continuing into retirement, he has been an enthusiastic amateur photographer. His photography has won him numerous awards throughout Kodak and in International Salons, including 5 George Eastman Medals, which is the top honor awarded to the most outstanding picture in the Annual Kodak International Salon. He has served as a judge in both local and international photographic competitions for the past 20 years, and is a Past president of the Kodak Camera Club and past chairman of many of the Kodak Camera Club organizations. In the past five years or so, he has devoted his photographic skills and interest into nature photography, notably bird photography. His bird photography has been the subject of several one-person exhibits, the most recent being at Ding Darling NWR, in Sanibel, Florida, The Roger Tory Peterson Institute in Jamestown, New York, and at the Webster Public Library in Webster, NY.


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